What is the EBC?

Five years ago, an experience center like the EBC was still a novel concept in the industry. To see the latest LEDs in-action, executives could skim through a product catalog, sit through a PowerPoint presentation, or tour sports stadiums and casinos across the country. This last one sounds like fun, but the reality is a high-cost, time-consuming expedition.

Samsung’s product marketing team figured there had to be another way. “Our solutions are meant to drive the wow factor as customer experience it for themselves. And this inspired the development of the first EBC,” said Stephanie Man, Program Manager at Samsung’s EBC in Irvine, CA.

So what is the EBC? It’s a space where executives can inspect Samsung’s line of commercial display and LED products in-person, meet with signage experts, and gain insights into how digital solutions can help their company reach its goals. EBCs give companies the chance to experience Samsung’s display solutions on a deeper level, which allows their teams to make more informed investment decisions further down the line.

“We wanted a way to help our partners navigate the technology, giving them the ability to make better decisions for their business,” said Man. “The Executive Briefing Centers offer this.”

The first EBC opened in Ridgefield Park, NJ, to an overwhelmingly positive reception. Soon, Samsung decided to expand, opening EBCs across the US and around the world.

“The concept caught fire globally. In the past five years, we’ve realized the power that can come from people experiencing our products in-person,” said Man.

Irvine’s EBC offers visitors an exclusive look at Samsung technology

But the newest Samsung Executive Briefing Center in Irvine, CA, may just be the best iteration to date. It’s the only place in North America where executives can view Samsung’s full portfolio of commercial display products.

“Plus,” said Man, “it’s also the only EBC where The Wall is permanently installed.”

The Wall. A name like this is best reserved for either a monumental set in Game of Thrones or a revolutionary digital display. Samsung’s team is responsible for creating the later, a micro-LED product with a 0.84 mm pixel pitch (for comparison, the dot pitch of an LCD laptop screen in 0.27 mm), 4K resolution, and an astounding 219 square inches of screen space.

“The Wall is helping revolutionize the way people think about television. Honestly, I underestimated the technology before I saw it, but it really is at the next level of what’s possible,” said Man.

And while the Wall’s sheer size and picture clarity are impressive, it’s only one of many attention-grabbing products on display in Irvine. Another is Prismview and Samsung’s IF Series product line, featuring fine pixel pitch indoor direct-view LED cabinets. Like the Wall, the IF Series product can show content with astounding levels of brightness and contrast. Where the products differ is with size. The IF Series cabinets are smaller than the Wall, giving business partners more creativity when it comes to sizing their final display.

Consider the National Geographic Ocean Odyssey exhibit in New York City: there, custom-fit IF Series cabinets line the walls and curve down the escalator, transporting visitors to an underwater world full of strikingly blue waters and breathtaking marine life. It’s an experience visitors never forget, made possible with the right LED boards.

The value of expertise

But beyond the products themselves, EBCs help prospective partners understand the overarching value a brand like Samsung can offer.

“It’s not just the displays,” said Man, “it’s the content management, ease of use, video processing tools, servicing options...we show them the value of working with an industry leader like Samsung.”

For Prismview and Samsung, “value” isn’t a buzz word; it’s a way of doing business. The EBCs align the new way of doing business with the old, pairing wow-worthy technology with old-fashioned customer service and real, human connections. It’s the way certain types of deals still work best.

Want to see the latest innovations in action? Visit the Irvine, CA EBC to experience Prismview and Samsung display solutions for yourself. Schedule a visit today.