Small Department, Fierce Market

YESCO Electronics was established in the early 1990s with one aim: to sell electronic signs to casinos and other businesses on the Las Vegas Strip. With under 10 employees, the department had to be scrappy to stay alive.

"We're small-town people," says Blake Gover, a legacy engineer from the YESCO Electronics days and current technology consultant at Prismview. "But we were always hard-working, and very determined."

The division’s fate came to a crossroads: YESCO Electronics executives weren’t convinced that it could thrive and compete. In 1994, a monumental decision was made: YESCO Electronics would double down on its mission to design, manufacture, and install high-quality signs.

“The purpose of YESCO Electronics became this: we would develop our own product, the best product we could put out in the marketplace, and sell it for the best price we could come up with,” says Neil Whitaker, a 30-year YESCO Electronics employee, now a Prismview-Samsung regional sales manager.

Committing to the Fight

The commitment worked. Within the year, YESCO Electronics won its first large bid: the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas. The quarter-mile-long display became a fixture of the city—and the division’s showpiece at the time.

“Suddenly, we were bringing in millions in revenue,” remembers Gover. The Fremont project put YESCO Electronics on the map and enabled meaningful expansions.

Over the next decade, the intrepid division continued to innovate. They put the finishing touches on the NBC Message Globe, an LED project that still captivates visitors inside the network’s New York City headquarters. They also led the charge in creating LED display boards that could withstand the elements. In Salt Lake City, they designed and built the first outdoor LED billboard in the country. YESCO Electronics always maintained the same approach to business: keeping clients loyal by providing unparalleled commitment, like double-checking every bulb or LED fixture before a game, or problem-solving with gusto and determination.

"One of our core values has always been: if you have a problem, we'll fix it, no matter if you caused the problem or if we did," says Whitaker. "And that's what kept our clients coming back. There has always been a strong sense of trust."

Work Hard and Innovate

LED displays marked a significant milestone in the division’s evolution, and in the industry. YESCO Electronics signs are simply sharper than any other product on the market. Major league teams came calling, craving the renowned clarity and resolution. The division was happy to oblige, building customized stadiums and billboards across the country.

“During those years, it was competitive as heck, but for the most part, it was sheer fun. Everybody just put their hearts into the job,” says Gover.

New Brand, Same Tried-and-True Approach

In 2015, YESCO Electronics caught the eye of Samsung, which was looking to invest in LED signage. In 2016, the acquisition became official. 

Samsung rebranded YESCO Electronics as Prismview, A Samsung Electronics Company. Despite new talent, resources, and support, the division’s heart and spirit remain intact. Prismview proudly designs, engineers and assembles large-format LED video display solutions from US and imported materials out of its Logan, Utah headquarters. 

“We’re just nomads of the desert,” says Gover, with a laugh. “But nobody changed the world on a 40-hour workweek. That’s the approach we’ve always had.”

And that’s the approach Prismview continues to take.