Choosing a LED Provider

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a reputable LED provider is which, if any, safety standards it adheres to. All Prismview LED displays adhere to Underwriters Laboratory standards, a global safety certification company, certified. This means all of our personnel, products, facilities and processes measure up to UL’s strict safety requirements. We’ve always maintained our UL certification, giving our customers the peace of mind that their LED boards are strictly monitored from their creation throughout the life of the display. 

Neil Hawley, Director of Project Management at Prismview, said it’s critical to choose an LED provider with a proven track record of customer satisfaction and adherence to safety standards. 

“Before your display is shipped, we test every board against our specific criteria to verify brightness, energy consumption, weight and potential environmental reactions to the materials.” 

Hawley also said that Prismview’s safety standards go above and beyond what’s required or even commonplace within the LED sign industry. 

“There really isn’t a single true standard within the LED display industry,” he said. “We choose to utilize the more stringent military-grade testing standards because that’s the harshest environment known... It’s certainly a higher standard than we typically see in the civilian market.”

Ongoing Maintenance

Once the display is properly manufactured and installed, its maintenance is essential to the performance and continual safety of the device. The provider plays a large role in the ease of serviceability of an LED board. 

“If the board is not easily serviceable, it’s not going to be maintained,” Hawley said. ”It’s important to design these LED boards so that they’re serviceable with a minimal amount of effort.” 

Choose a provider who keeps clear records of the installation process through daily reports, data and photographs. Reputable providers will also provide a recommended schedule for regular maintenance and service checks. 



Aside from our strict manufacturing and installation standards, Prismview’s unique customer service center remotely monitors our devices throughout the lifetime of the display.

“A lot of people look at LED boards as a short-term investment product,” Hawley said. “They’re going to buy something, put it on display for two years and then replace it with something else. We don’t find that to be the best, or most economical approach; we want to provide a product that will operate within specifications for the lifespan that we guarantee.”

Most Prismview LED displays are linked to our diagnostic software monitoring system, alerting the team of any possible issues before the customer experiences a service lap or dysfunctioning display. If something is wrong, the NOC will catch it almost immediately, and dispatch a technician to fix the problem—often before the customer is even aware there’s an issue, therefore reducing the repair time and increasing the overall safety of the display. And because our NOC is staffed 24/7/365, Prismview provides unparalleled customer support compared to other providers in the LED signage industry. 

Why Prismview

So if you’re looking to reduce safety concerns when on the market for an LED display, choose a reputable provider. Choose one with strict standards from the design to the assembly of the display. Choose one with a history of successful installations and maintenance checks. 

Most importantly, choose a provider with a customer service team that will walk you through any and all issues throughout the lifetime of the device. Because buying an LED display is far more than a one-and-done transaction and to ensure its continual safety, you need to partner with someone you can trust. 

If you want to learn more about Prismview’s comprehensive safety manufacturing process, reach out to for more information.